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About Beate and Be Divine

Leading Brisbane fashion stylist and styling producer, Beate de Camp is the Founder and Director of Brisbane personal styling/producing agency, Be Divine.

Having always been immersed within the fashion industry both here in Australia and in Europe, Beate decided she wanted to help others to feel great by educating them on the importance of styling.

Be Divine was established in February 2008 and over the past five years has carved a reputation for itself as the leading personal styling agency in Brisbane. Offering a wide range of personal fashion styling services for men and women with different lifestyles, Be Divine has cemented a strong following and loyal clientele.

Not only is Beate an incredible resource of knowledge but also a truly passionate and  personable fashion stylist. By working with Beate and Be Divine, you will understand the true meaning of fashion, style, image and colour. You will feel more confident within yourself and learn how to best compliment your features.

Beate's mission is to make the most out of her client's individual physical appearance and improving their image based on how they would like to be seen and the image they want to project. It is about realising that you can be comfortable and look stylish.

One of the strongest passions of Beate is the reward and satisfaction of seeing people grow in confidence with her assistance.

"The idea is to know what works for you and follow it'

Be Divine Gift Vouchers

A personal styling experience is a great gift idea for any occasion.

Choose the value of the gift voucher and let Be Divine
create the perfect styling package for your loved ones.

2 hours for *$220 - personal shopping

3 hours for *$330 - personal shopping + hair & make-up advice

4 hours for *$400 - wardrobe consult + personal shopping

Call Beate on 0433 808 840 for more details or a styling package tailored to your needs!

(*all prices exl. GST)

Please note: Gift Vouchers are non-transferable, valid for 6 months and are non-refundable. Full terms and conditions can be supplied upon request.


What you wear on the outside can make you feel better on the inside and give you the confidence to meet the challenges of your day.


"Hi Beate, Thank you for an amazing morning on Saturday! It was such a great experience for me and you had such a wealth of knowledge. I can't believe you now have me wearing skinny jeans and size 10 tops. Who knew!! You definitely know your stuff and I really appreciate all of your knowledge you imparted on me..." H.B

"Thank you for your time. My wife had a great experience and we are both very pleased with the purchases made. Thank you also for communicating so well and for being punctual. My wife has enjoyed the information she has received since your meeting, and would love to remain on your distribution list for any updates or fashion information. Both of us will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future. Thank you." M.A.

"My wife and my daughter had a great time with you during their shopping trip. They have been all very busy spreading the good word. It has put them in a spot of bother now and has reduced the pressure on me. Now instead of asking for my opinion and hang on every word I say, they very quickly brush what I have to add and say, "what would Beate think". So thanks for that.
Please accept my thanks. You made a good present into a great one. Thank you." R.A

"... I had a wonderful time over the weekend and learnt so much! That night I went out with the girls and put all your tips to use, everyone commented on how great I looked and the next day shopping was so easy to select what to wear. I have left my wardrobe culled and for once when I open the doors, I see stylish items which are simple to mix and match and yes, I am putting the belt to good use 'belt is my new best friend'. Thank you once again!

"...I had a lovely weekend and everyone loved my new look. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed myself and you made me try on things that I would never think would suit me." V.A

“Thank you again – it was lovely shopping today and coming away with articles that firstly wont date quickly and secondly I will get heaps of wear out of…” V.C

Thanks very much for all your time and valuable advice!
I arrived at my client today and they both immediately said how healthy I was looking and how I’d “got my colour back” after my week at the beach last week (or so they thought…). But, I think it must have been my new outfit…” A.W

…thanks so much for Saturday. It was such a great day, and I feel so much more confident already. Today I wore a dress with a belt and the new make-up and I swear I got at least 5 comments about how good I looked! Thanks too for the tips, and just for getting me to try things I never would have before…” N.E.

“Thank you for a wonderful day, the experience and tips have made me feel like a new person!...” B.

“As someone who loves to shop and enjoys fashion, I was never really sure I was on the right track.  I found most retail assistants would push me into a sale telling me I looked good even if I didn’t. I found I would buy an item, wear it once and never wear it again.  I have to attend many functions and it's very important to me to appear professional and stylish.  I had always wanted to find someone to advise me on what suits my body shape, what colours are best on me but most importantly someone who's opinion I felt I could trust. 

That's when I discovered Be Divine.  I met up with the fashion stylist Beate who instantly made me feel at ease and I was instantly comfortable with her.  Beate was able to quickly sum up my needs and help me buy some staple pieces that were versatile and suited me. She opened my eyes to styles I hadn't even thought of.  I feel more confident and I no longer get frustrated with myself after spending far too much time looking for the right outfit.

Contacting Beate it was the smartest move I've made in regards to my shopping dilemmas. It's now a joy, not a challenge.  I have more knowledge when I shop alone, and I'm now able to call upon a second opinion that I trust.  Since shopping with Beate, I've never received so many compliments on how I look - and that's a truly wonderful feeling!” L.G

"There is nothing worse than knowing that you could, and should, look and feel better than you actually do. I have a beautiful 10 month old little girl who has completely consumed me since the day she was born. Suddenly my number one priority was my little girl, not my hair, makeup, clothes or my image in general. Until this point in time I hadn’t completely realised the impact someone’s physical image actually has. I not only began to realise that I’d stopped caring about how I looked but was beginning to loose a sense of who I was.

Be Divine’s fashion stylist Beate has a great eye for detail and her flair for styling individuals has helped me to determine which features I should highlight and which hide with clothing that suit my body shape. With Beate’s expert advice, selecting clothes, styling my hair and applying makeup is quicker, easier and more successful than ever before. Her expert advice has encouraged me to redefine myself and has given me the tools to do so. I can’t say how much I appreciate Beate’s efficiency, honesty and professionalism as she helped me create a style and personality that is uniquely me. I can now leave the house knowing that I look and feel fresh, radiant and stylish." H.B.