My top three – New York Spring/Summer 18 Fashion Week

Spring/Summer fashion week is always exciting and this year I find the shows more exciting than ever. It seems designers are being once again creative and daring and I like it! Here is a brief insight into my top three just for you:

Victoria Beckham

There is nobody like her and I am a big fan and have been since her first collection. It must be difficult to top your own show each season but she does it with ease it seems. Love the colours, the cuts, the fabric! Her pieces are always on my wishlist!


I have always loved the relaxed styles of TIBI and I find they are getting better and better each season! Love all the suiting in this spring/summer collection!

Mansur Gavriel

This is a label I must admit I haven’t noticed much in the past. This changed after seeing their spring/summer 18 collection. My new favourite ready-to-wear go to label! The colours are just divine!

Images courtesy of Vogue Runway (the best app for fashion shows). Find more images here! xx

Interior design project : New build home in Brisbane, designed by Be Divine

It is always great to work on a new interior design project and it is especially rewarding when you finally see the result. This stunning house has been completed last week and I am very proud of it.

About the house

On an elevated block to capture leafy suburban outlooks, this beautifully designed home combines entertaining innovation with distinguished family lifestyle. Furthermore, incorporating stunning polished timber flooring and big windows gives the house a lots of natural light and spacious feel. Due to the open plan living, the kitchen and dining area has a flow with multiple outdoor integration. Complementing the design, the styling has been kept to a minimal look with a modern and ‘scandinavian’ inspired style. In addition, the bathroom has a hint of feature tiles that create a simple ‘wow’ effect without without adding too much to the expense.

Be Divine pride’s itself on treating each project with a new perspective and individual vision, making sure that I am creating spaces for you and your home that you will love and enjoy. I especially love the parents retreat in this house. What do you think? xx

See more about Be Divine’s interior design services here!

New Season Specials just for you!

New Season Special and fashion styling services
My most favourite season is here and I have lots of exciting specials and news to share with you! It has been a busy year so far but for me personally the most exiting time is now, Spring/Summer! We live in a Sunshine state after all!
So, here is the first big news: I have changed my last name!
After carrying the last name of my ex-husband for many years I have my own once again. I decided to take on my grandmother’s maiden name, Pluta. I didn’t think it would be that important to me but now that I have made that change it feels pretty good. Either way, Be Divine is still same and I am still me just with a new name – Beate Pluta
And so to celebrate the change and the new season here are some special offers just for you! Enjoy xx

Sydney Shopping Trip!

Let’s do a shopping trip/weekend in Sydney!
Because really, I can’t think of any reason why we shouldn’t.
So here is the plan: You and I will go to Sydney for one weekend (at this stage looking at mid October – after school holidays) – Friday until Sunday – and shop away! The more of you the better so ask your family and friends to join. Be Divine will organise accommodation and a schedule so all you have to do is come along and be styled and inspired for one ‘ladies only‘ fun weekend. Are you keen? Let me know and I will send more details!
Image: Zimmermann
New Spring/Summer Specials!

Each season I want to make sure you get the best out of Be Divine’s styling services. I know we all have a busy life style and so I have new styling packages for you and your individual needs. Just because there is no time to shop doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to amazing new season! Don’t you think? Here is what is on offer:

Personal Shopping Experience

Well, not exactly new but it is still popular. We don’t need a big wardrobe but what we have should be wearable and versatile! The key is to purchase key pieces you can mix and match, looking comfortable and stylish.

Look book guide

Shop the new season without leaving your home and have everything delivered to your door. This service is based on an ‘one off fee’ and created for you and your busy life style. No time to hit the stores but still keen to buy new items and unsure of what to buy? Online browsing and shopping is our specialty so if you are after a quick and simple wardrobe update I can help. Tell me your needs and I will create a summary of the items you should buy. All you have to do is click on the links provided and start shopping. Such an effortless and instant season update!

VIP membership

The VIP membership is a great way to access your very own stylist 24/7 with regular purchase recommendations to add to your wardrobe. Shop with my guidance each month and add pieces to your wardrobe that you know will work.

Of course we offer much more… gift vouchers and special occasion shopping, to name a few. Also remember our Interior Design and Styling service that is available for your home spring makeover. You would be surprised how new paint and cushions can change the overall feel of your home.
In addition we have a few more things we have been working on and I hope to share it with you in my next newsletter.

Thank you and have a fabulous spring!
Beate Pluta xx

Image: Jcrew

Pamper your mum this Mother’s Day with our VIP Styling package

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, so when it does you have to make it count. After all, our mums do so much for us and this is the one day we celebrate our ‘mum’ and ‘best friend’ and want to do something special for her. Here at Be Divine we have the perfect gift ideas designed just for your mum.

VIP Styling Membership

Spoil your mum for entire 6 months by giving her a Be Divine VIP membership that offers personal styling advice 24/7 for all her styling needs and desires. Membership includes her own stylist on hand which means no more worries about buying the wrong items. Package starts with wardrobe consult, followed by ongoing shopping suggestions throughout the new season as well as sales for everything that suits her body and life style. It is the perfect way to create a wardrobe she will actually enjoy.

Only $77/month or $440 for upfront payment.

Personal Shopping Experience

Whether your mum enjoys shopping or finds it a chore, a personal shopping experience with a stylist is always a great gift idea. She will learn what suits, how to combine outfits, colour and accessories. The key is to create a wardrobe she can mix and match, looking comfortable and stylish.

Choose a two hours styling package for $240 + GST or upgrade to 3 hours of shopping for $360 + GST.

Wardrobe review

Does she have a wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear? Has she been wearing the same items over and over? It might be time for a wardrobe overhaul to give her a fresh new start an build a wardrobe that suits her and is easy to mix and match. After all we don’t need a big wardrobe!

Only $180 + GST for 1.5 hours.


For more details on the above services or to personalise your own styling package for your mum please give me a call. I am happy to help. Happy Mothers Day, love you mum! xx


My crazy day as a Creative Director/Stylist!

Hello lovely people, I am sorry I haven’t written for a few days (or has it been weeks?) but life has been a bit crazy lately. Being a Creative Director and looking after interior styling/design as well as fashion styling and social media (Instagram) keeps my days very busy. Only last week I designed three kitchens, all different in style and budget and I can’t wait to see until they complete. Well, one of them I finished yesterday… still a little bit of final touches to do but it’s looking good. So, while I was crazy busy, I couldn’t help but lough at my day, that isn’t very glamorous btw.. Let me tell you:

Tuesday morning, off to Ikea in my car to purchase the final kitchen panels planning to have them delivered up the coast. However, because the coast is far away from this IKEA delivery happens only once a week, which is too late for me. So, trying to find quick solution, I decide to hire the IKEA van ‘GoGet‘ (pretty cool btw) to take the panels myself (because they don’t fit into my car). So, I am organising with IKEA to leave my car parked there over night so I can take the van. Van is all packed and ready to go. Same day, because it has been organised last minute, BMW is giving me their latest MINI car to drive around for a week. So, I park my van, jump into an uber, pick up my MINI (which is awesome!!!), drive home, park the MINI, jump into the van, driving up the coast. .. do you get the idea? Seriously, I love my life! xx

p.s. Next time I will tell you how many times in a day I really change my outfit… from painting gear, to high heels and glamour x

To do before I turn 40: wilderness adventure in Greenland xx

How are you today? Today I wanted to write about travelling rather than fashion. Do you have a destination on your list that you always wanted to visit but haven’t yet?

I always wanted to live in Australia! Since I was a kid, probably from the age of 13, I was talking about ‘one day’ living in Australia. I came here first as a backpacker (3 times) travelling around, meeting amazing people before finally booking a one way ticket in 2005. I have never looked back!!

From the time I settled in Australia I have been talking about one day visiting Greenland. It is always on my mind. Greenland: “A vast expanse of ice, floating in the midst of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.” Greenland is somehow a mystery to travellers and maybe that’s why I want to go there. It certainly can’t be the weather as the climate is not really compatible with Australia (I am talking about 12 months of sunshine in QLD). Nevertheless I would like to set it as my goal to go there before or for my 40th. Wouldn’t that be nice? The only question is: Do I go in summer or winter??? Here are some images (sourced from travel agency Black Tomato) so you understand what I am talking about…

What do you think? Whether you think Greenland is a great idea or not, I would love to hear about your travel goals! Beate xx


How to stay focused on your goals?

Good morning lovely people! I have been working for myself for 9 years now and I love it! When I look back to 2007 starting my Fashion Styling business ‘Be Divine’ was a step that I knew I wanted to do, although I wasn’t sure it would really work. Coming from Europe and being somehow an outsider (now I am a true ‘Aussie’) I had many challenges and setbacks to conquer along the way, but I did it!

Setbacks and failures are a great learning curve and perfect ingredients for a great success story. Don’t you agree? Looking back I am grateful for all the setbacks as I learned from them and it made me stronger, more determined and therefore more focused. It made me understand that all it comes down to just believing in yourself and your own ability and do what you think is right.

Working for yourself means you have to stay focused and work very very hard (very). Networking, connecting with people, sending lots of emails and investing all your energy and time into your business.

My personal tip: Write your ‘to do’ list every day!!

I couldn’t function without my daily ‘to do’ list, updating it every morning! Some weeks I work on many different projects (fashion styling, personal shopping, interior design and other styling projects) so it can get quite hectic and my mind is everywhere. Having a ‘to do’ list for each individual project (there are papers spread out in my office everywhere depending on the amount of projects) keeps me focused each day on each project and new idea. And I have so many new ideas… xx  Do you work of a ‘to do list’??

Below is some of my work throughout the years. Enjoy xx

personal-shoppingWallaceBishopALXCampaign2015_ChelseaFrontLovage_BW (4)FashionSocietyHD (10 of 18)screen-shot-2012-07-31-at-9-28-34-am.png320diningProperty Photography by Carole Margand Caco PhotographyProperty Photography by Carole Margand Caco Photography

How I wear my bright red skirt

Hi today… Let’s talk about colour. I would say my fashion style is simple and classic but I love to create a ‘wow’ effect with something bold and ‘unexpected’. So it seems I hardly own any black in my wardrobe. I do have the classic black jacket and some black shoes but that’s about it. Black is just not my colour as much as I try to introduce it into my wardrobe. I always prefer colour and I love introducing colour to my clients as well.

My favourite wardrobe pieces are my red skirts (I have a few xx). It has to be a bright red however, more tangerine, rather than a darker hue (I call them ‘dirty colours’). However bright colours can be scary and some of my clients don’t know how to wear it without standing out too much. But why hiding?? After all “Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes”. Styling tip: the key to wearing a bright colour the elegant and classic way is to keep everything else neutral letting the colour be the hero in your outfit. First step to introducing more colour in your wardrobe! Let’s do it! xx

What is your favourite colour in your wardrobe?
IMG_0300fullsizeoutput_17fullsizeoutput_15Wearing here with Valentino heels, Gucci bag and Forever New singlet.
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