Personal Fashion Style, Body Image and Confidence workshop

I believe finding your own personal style should start from early age. Growing up we experience with different styles and fashion trends, trying to find what we like but also copying others to blend in rather than stand out. With social media we are exposed much more to ‘unrealistic’ images on how we shold look and what we should wear. Trends seems to be more important than fashion. However, for me, it comes down to ‘being you’ and loving yourself.

Through my years as a Fashion Stylist I have met many parents telling me about their daughters and their common struggle with not knowing how to dress, what to wear, self confidence, personal style and body image. I must admit I had similar challenges during my teenage years as well and so I decided to use my own experience and knowledge to educate others.

‘Life is too short to worry about your body’.

Personal confidance course image
The course is designed to give your daughter knowledge about personal style, what to wear, how to work the social media influence and self confidence. Furthermore all topics that are helpful now and in the future. Course includes:

– Dressing for Occasion and general Fashion Tips
– First Impression & Personal Style
– Body Image, Self Esteem and Confidence
– Be Yourself
– Health & Happiness
– General Make-up rules

It is designed to be educational and fun, in a group or one-on-one. Ideal for age 12-17, duration 3 hours for only $270 + GST.

Contact me for more information or to book a personal styling session for your daughter.